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Among them:
Original brake parts. Wipers conventional and flat blade.
Throttle body reconditioned, Magneti Marelli and Volvo Interior and carbon paper filters. Air Mass Meters Arm-rod and stabilizer bar rubbers for various types of Volvo. Calipers Volvo 240, 850 and V70 and of course much more often in stock or on short time available.

For checking and refilling your air conditioner We use professional equipment from Waeco. We also have professional equipment for reading and resetting many brands and types of automobiles, and for flushing and filling your automatic gearbox.

You can, of course, also contact us for all your maintenance and repair.
You can also contact us for the purchase of a new car or a good occasion.

Feel free to come along for a informal conversation.
When Glass-or car damage we can as an intermediary serve,
so you can continue your work.

To polish your car we use Cartec polishes